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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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an update. >> major terrence mcclarney has drawn national attention because of the investigation of missing teenager phylicia barnes. he was suspended this afternoon after his car was found in a ditch of i-not by with no one around. state police found the 2006 taurus down an embankment in howard county. there was minor property damage. state police said no one reported the incident. it took them about 2.5 hours for them to trace the vehicle to the city police department. a spokesman could not answer why the major did not call police. >> three years ago, a group of abortion protesters took their
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graphic message to the streets of bellaire, only to be arrested. they filed suit, alleging their rights have been violated. the case is far from over. >> harford county has settled with the defendant's life group and they hope it puts pressure on the maryland state police to follow their lead. >> officer, what am i being arrested for? >> it was in 2008 along route 24 in bellaire when maryland police approached the protesters while they were on tour. the group was using graphic posters depicting aborted babies. they admit their methods may be shocking, but said they have the right to protest and filed suit in federal court for violation of their first amendment rights after they were arrested. >> the town of bellaire police
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cooperated and harford county actually in corp. -- incarcerated us and egregiously searched the women who were involved. >> i was arrested, imprisoned, shackled, and strip searched twice. >> harford county has agreed to settle. only one of the terms of settlement is being disclosed, a policy change that harford county has agreed to. >> involves a policy change that would prevent the type of search that happened in the harford county detention center from ever happening again in a first amendment in the end of first amendment context. >> we are asking that the maryland state police would protect our rights and that we can protest without the fear of the maryland state police exercising an authority that they do not and should not have to arrest us without reason.
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>> bellaire police did not return our phone calls. harford county officials and the maryland state police both said they have no comment on the case at this time. >> oil prices have climbed to more than $105 a barrel, the highest level in two years. the obama administration is considering its options, including whether to tap the nation's strategic petroleum reserves. some experts say it would be a mistake. >> the white house says it will consider more than the price of oil in determining whether to tap those reserves. strategic petroleum reserves consist of more than 700 million barrels of oil. it was said to be a supply of last resort, only tapped in rare
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emergencies. now the white house is considering whether to release some of the oil to help moderate prices. >> the issue here is disruption. is there a major disruption in the flow of oil? that will a -- that is the big risk factor. >> prices at the pump have shot up 39 cents a gallon on average since the libyan uprising began four weeks ago. >> i am shocked. $3.84 a gallon, i am very upset. >> saudi arabia has increased production. some energy analysts say tapping the reserves to cause overheated markets is a risky maneuver. >> you have to ensure there is no misinterpretation about how the u.s. fell about where oil markets were going.
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>> the energy information administration says there is bare capacity out there and that opec could ramp up production by another four 0.7 million barrels a day. >> check the areas gas prices were ever you are at a computer. you can compare local gas prices and calculate your gas mileage. just click consumer alert. it can also find gas prices on your cellphone. >> the high property-tax is in baltimore city may be a hot- button issue this year in the mayoral race. earlier today, councilman carl stokes introduced legislation he says can lower the city's tax rate over the next five years to compete with surrounding counties. >> lowell melser has the latest on this story. >> councilman stokes introduce that legislation about an hour
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ago. it is confident he can drop the cities' pretax rate by a 50% of the year 2016. he says his plan will bring a boon to the city and create jobs. he is receiving a lot of opposition from fellow council members, even the mayor, who is calling this a stretch. facing the highest property tax rate in the state at about $2.26 per hundred dollars of assessed property value, most residents of baltimore city agree that the rate needs to come down. the councilman from the 12th district and a possible mayoral candidate introduced legislation to do just that. >> we have to reduce the tax rate involvement in order to get involved a tax base of our city. >> he bases the majority of his legislation on a published report by a loyola university analyst. he compared it to successful
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cuts in san francisco and boston. stokes says the same cuts would work in baltimore. >> it is not a very that as we drive down the tax rate it will be a dramatic increase in terms of the tax base block. happened in other cities, and it will happen in baltimore. >> the city is considering lowering the property tax by 15 cents each year until it reaches a level on par with baltimore county of 1.1%. in order to make up for lost revenues, stokes is proposing about 20 different ideas. highlights include reduction of property tax incentives that would not be rated -- would not be needed if rates were lower, upping the homestead tax credit to 10%, slots, getting rid of so-called pilot programs for stay on property that is privately leased, and privatization of large city
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assets like the water company. >> if it sounds too good to be true, it isn't true. last month, the mayor made it very clear that she is not interested in such a dynamic plan. her spokespeople say that the mayor is not convinced that stokes plan is a serious one. he says it may not be perfect, something needs to be done soon. >> the city is doing better by education, crime statistics. the one item holding back dramatic growth in the city is the very high tax rate. beck's the mayor's office has responded through a statement, further calling stokes plan one that they say it relies on fuzzy map, saying it ignores the city's current fiscal problems and would lead to irresponsible cuts in public safety and other core services of significantly raising taxes on existing city homeowners by virtually eliminating the homestead tax credit.
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stokes would disagree with this, but you can be the judge. we are live outside of city hall, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a top aide to the mayor is now leading city hall. the chief of staff will leave her job in two weeks. she is a lawyer who joined the mayor at the beginning of her term last year. state police are charging two women of stealing credit cards. investigators said the suspects worked as a team with a look out in the parking lot and others in the restroom often posing as employees. >> they would take these credit cards in that same day, by gift cards, and they would use the gift cards when they wanted to
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purchase a variety of items. computers, issues, prescription glasses, it runs the gamut. >> police say they are getting warrants for two more suspects. >> a fire swept through a home in parkville last night. crews from the victim lying on the lawn in front of the house. she was taken to st. joseph's hospital in serious conditions. there were no reports of any other injuries. because of that fire is still under investigation. >> please make an arrest in the disappearance of two young girls to disappear from baltimore county. >> no march madness courthouse and men's basketball team. we would tell you why, later in sports. >> dry and cold tonight, but there is another wet system on radar, approaching us slowly. the forecast is straight ahead.
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44 degrees at the
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>> more violence in baltimore city over the weekend. 17-year-old student athlete died while trying to protect his sister. >> he intervened and was stabbed. his 20-year-old sister received a non life-threatening stab wound to the arm. he was also a boxer whose trained at the upton boxing center. he planned to go to the olympics, and encourage young people at the gym to do their very best. >> he said we are just going to keep on moving. that is where we are at, right there. >> everyone in the neighborhood loved him.
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he would get more kids to get into the boxing thing. >> brown this area is more like drugs and stuff like that. >> so far, police have made no arrests. they are looking for a male suspect. you are urged to call baltimore city police that you have any information on this case. a man has been taken into custody in connection with the disappearance of two girls. azaria griffin and tierra taylor disappeared over the weekend. witnesses said they saw the two girls getting into a car saturday afternoon. there were found safely last night. police will not comment on the nature of the crime. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> after yesterday's soaking rain, a little bit of that left over after midnight into the early morning hours. to the north and west of us, a couple of inches of snow came
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down in spots. those numbers may not be reflective of what you had since midnight, especially in the northern and western suburbs. 50 this afternoon at the airport, within one degree of the normal high of 51. the record low was 10 degrees, set in 1960. it will be chilly tonight. the pollen count was help felt by all that rain yesterday. the mold count is very slow as well. elkins at 43 degrees, almost in the upper 30 along the pennsylvania border. temperatures are dropping below freezing already in western maryland. the skies had cleared out at least briefly. i think here in baltimore will see some high, thin clouds moving through from time to time. skies will vary from clear to partly cloudy and temperatures will dip into the 20's in the northern suburbs.
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the last of the rainmaker for us ended up as a heavy wet snow across northern new england and upstate new york. we are talking 24-30 inches of snow from that system, so it was a heavy snowfall. over 120 inches sent burlington, is the snowiest winter on record there. to the west of us to see more precipitation moving into the chicago area. that system is moving slowly in this direction and will probably get your wednesday afternoon. it is similar to the one that went through on sunday. has the potential to produce another round of heavy precipitation, primarily winced and night into thursday. tomorrow we will just get the eastern edge of the system as it approaches. wednesday the clouds really increase and by afternoon it could slow down rush hour. thursday looks like another soggy day with the possibility
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of some heavy rain. 49-54 tomorrow, pretty normal for this time of year. waves around 1 foot and a water temperatures are slowly climbing to the low and mid-40's. the snow on the ground helps keep the air temperature cold. may not make it out of the 30's in spots tomorrow. 52 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. bright sunny skies on the lower eastern shore and temperatures right around 50. bt to tomorrow, rain coming in wednesday afternoon, and then it may get heavy at times on thursday. it will end as a wet snow in the northern suburbs friday morning. the weekend looks mostly dry, just a slight chance for sprinkel saturday evening. >> as schools from around the
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united states start to turn their attention to march madness, towson turns its attention to finding the next men's basketball coach. he ended his first were seized in -- he ended his worst season. he brought a higher profile to the tigers program, but could not bring the program into postseason play. possible candidates -- a new week brings a fresh coat of nfl players and owners reaching a deal. they talked with the federal mediator in washington d.c. this afternoon. the owner of the giants reportedly joined in the talks today, and a possible sign of progress. the two sides had originally
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planned to meet separately with the mediator. the maryland men's lacrosse team be -- their record is now 3 and 1. a shaky start for chris tillman today. in a fight for that fifth starter spot, he gave up three runs in the first inning. adam jones will play in the ninth game against the yankees in sarasota. jones looks ready to return to all-star form this season but hopes to do it slightly off the radar. the arrival of big-time stars will make easier for him to do his job every day little more on the fringe of the spotlight than right in the middle of it. >> those are the guys that get most of the media attention. we are just out there doing damage.
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>> the 2009 preakness champion will soon have a new title. rachel alexander has successfully made it. her foal will arrive with super horse expectations. the owners expect her to deliver in february 2012. the gestation period for a horse is 11 months. >> tom is up next with a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> the latest on breaking news we are falling, and unmarred baltimore police car found abandoned in howard county.
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-- an unmarked baltimore police car. charlie sheen has lost his job. those stories and mor
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host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock? man: no way! man: hey rick check this out! anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance. >> city police turned up a photo from the 1950's that stunned even some of the long timers on tv hill. we are working to identify the
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reporter and the police officers. we have posted the photos on so you can get a better look. i was just a twinkle in my parents' eyes back then. >> 52 tomorrow with partly cloudy skies. we will get back to normal temperatures in the afternoon. the next rainmaker arriving wednesday afternoon and it could be another heavy rain on thursday, ending in wet snow friday morning and then clearing up for the weekend. a 20% chance of a sprinkle saturday evening. >> back in the 1950's, we did not have tv. we had to just draw pictures on the wall. >> that is a look at our news. thanks very much for joining us.
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>> will see back here at 11:00. >> will see back here at 11:00.
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